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Exceptional Veterinary Services Delivered With a Smile

Out-of-hours & Emergencies

Got an emergency?

Please call your local branch as soon as possible:

Three Cross:

01202 829436


01425 654202

For your convenience, we provide our own Out of Hours service between our two surgeries.

When you call after hours, you can speak directly to a vet who will carefully evaluate your situation over the phone. They will assess whether your pet requires immediate attention and arrange to meet you at one of our surgeries.

Please keep in mind that out-of-hours fees will apply.

We’re here to support you and your pet, even outside regular hours. If for any reason we are unable to provide our own cover we use MiNight Vet New Forest based in Ringwood running out of Cedar Veterinary Group premises.


At our vet practice, consultations are booked for a full 15 minutes, so you’ll never feel rushed.

We’re here to accommodate your needs and understand special circumstances. Let us know, and we’ll do our best to help.

Book a Consultation

Please call your local branch:

Three Cross:

01202 829436


01425 654202

Our Comprehensive Pet Health Plan

Ocean Paws Plan

Complete, worry-free preventative healthcare for your cat or dog.
Membership includes: a range of further benefits and discounted services, all designed to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy.

Vet Home Visits

We firmly believe in providing the best care possible for your pet, and that’s why we prefer to have all the necessary facilities available at our surgery. However, we understand that there may be special circumstances or specific requests for a home visit. In such cases, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and arrange a visit to your home. Your pet’s well-being is our top priority, and we strive to provide flexible care options whenever possible.

If you’re interested in booking a home visit, please speak to a member of the team and give us a call:
Three Cross: 01202 829436
Alderholt: 01425 654202


If your pet needs to be hospitalised overnight, we usually accommodate this at our Alderholt branch. There, a vet will be present to provide appropriate monitoring.

We understand the significance of ongoing care and supervision, particularly during critical periods. Your pet’s well-being and safety are our top priorities, and we ensure they receive the continuous support they require at our Alderholt branch.

If we believe that your pet requires constant monitoring/treatment we may advise transfer to our out-of-hours provider MiNight Vet.

Imaging Facilities

At Alderholt and Three Cross surgeries, we have our own state-of-the-art facilities for taking and processing digital X-rays. This allows us to swiftly identify various problems and provide timely diagnosis for your pet.

We have our own advanced ultrasound facilities to perform a range of examinations, including pregnancy checks, detecting pyometra (womb infection), scanning abdominal organs, and evaluating lumps. We can also ultrasound the heart – an echo examination & take appropriate measurements to diagnose heart disease.


We conduct standard blood tests and other routine pathology samples in-house for prompt results. Meaning you should never have to wait too long for results.

However, on occasion, for more advanced pathology or histology samples requiring specializsd identification, we collaborate with referral laboratories.  These laboratories possess the expertise to accurately diagnose, advise on treatment options, and provide prognosis based on the samples. By working together with these specialists, we ensure your pet receives the best possible care and guidance.

Nurse Clinics

Our nurse clinics offer a friendly welcome for both pets and owners. Whether for adolescent pets, weight clinics, dental check-ups, senior clinics or diabetics, our very capable nurses can take the time to explain and demonstrate treatments recommended by the vets. Nurse clinics are included as part of our health plan and include microchipping, nail clips, blood pressure monitoring and administering parasite treatments.


While we’re capable of treating a wide range of complaints, illnesses, and injuries, including advanced orthopedics and soft tissue surgery, there are instances where it’s best to seek expertise from a specialist in a specific field. If such a situation arises, we’ll recommend referring your pet to a veterinarian who specialises in that area.

Referrals could be an ophthalmologist, specialist orthopedic surgeon, dermatologist, oncologist, or any other appropriate specialist. Rest assured, we’ll handle the coordination and communication with the specialist on your behalf, ensuring your pet receives the best possible care.

Surgical Procedures

Ocean Vets offer a wide range of routine and more complicated surgical procedures. Both Jeremy and Fiona are very experienced surgeons who have gained further qualifications in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries.

Recent investment in new surgical equipment means that we have increased the range of procedures that we are able to perform.

Surgeries available at Ocean Vets include:

  • Laparoscopic procedures (Key Hole Surgery) for laparoscopic spays and laparoscopic investigations -including minimally invasive biopsies of abdominal organs.
  • Cruciate Ligament Disease Surgery including: Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO) or Cranial Closing Wedge Osteotomy (CCWO)
Laparoscopic Ovariectomy of Bitches

We provide laparoscopic spaying for a less painful experience for your pet. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive technique that offers several benefits, including smaller incisions, faster recovery, and reduced complications. You can schedule an appointment to discuss this premium service with our Advanced Practitioner Surgery Certificate holders, Jeremy or Fiona.


Advantages of Laparoscopic Spays

  • Precise surgery with clear imaging.
  • Less pain for your pet due to smaller incisions and careful ligament handling. 
  • Faster recovery.
  • Higher satisfaction for pet owners.
Cruciate Ligament Disease in Dogs

The cruciate ligament in a dog’s knee joint can be damaged by acute injury or gradual degeneration. It doesn’t heal well due to a lack of blood supply. Surgery may be necessary, and diagnosing the injury involves joint manipulation and X-rays.

Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
This procedure involves altering the bone’s shape below the knee to reduce pressure on the cruciate ligament. It’s often recommended for dogs with cruciate rupture.

Cranial Closing Wedge Osteotomy (CCWO)
Recommended for small breed dogs, CCWO changes the bone’s shape to negate the need for an intact cruciate ligament.

Extra-capsular Stabilisation
This procedure uses a suture to mimic the action of the ruptured ligament. It can provide a reasonable outcome in some dogs but may not work well for larger dogs.

Risks of Surgical Procedures

All surgical procedures carry risks, including infection and implant failure. We take precautions to minimize these risks, and post-surgery recovery sometimes requires exercise restriction.

Post-Surgery Care

After most surgeries, your dog will receive pain relief and usually go home the same day. We’ll provide you with all the information to care for your pet during recovery, and your vet is always available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have following surgery.