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Order Prescriptions

Request Pet Prescriptions Online

Use our online form below to request your pet’s repeat prescriptions with ease. Simply fill out the required information, and our team will handle the rest.

Please note:

Please note that by law, your pet needs to have been seen within three–six months (on veterinary advice) for us to dispense repeat medication and that we ask for at least two working days’ notice to give us time to get vet approval, to be able to order this specifically if necessary, and then dispense it.

Antibiotics can only be prescribed at the time a patient is seen. Unless the vet has specifically said that a repeat of a particular antibiotic can be given, your pet will need to be seen again if further antibiotics are required. This included ear & eye preparations that contain antibiotics.

For routine flea and worming treatment, we need to have seen your pet within 12 months and request 24 hours’ notice to order and dispense. We will always do our best to fulfil your request to the best of our ability.

Please allow at least 48 hours for your prescription request to be processed.